Suffolk University Intramural Sports Information

The Suffolk University Athletics Department is offering the following events to ALL undergraduate students for the 2011-12 academic calendar. ONLY SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY students are eligible for the following sports and must provide valid Suffolk ID at all events.

To sign your team up for Intramural sports visit the Athletic Offices located on the second floor of the Ridgeway Building.

Fall Semester 

Intramural Flag Football
Played down at the Pupolo Field in the North End.  Played in the early fall, starting in October and running through the end of the fall semester  flag football has been the most popular intramural sport. Games are played on field dimensions of 80 yards long by 40 yards wide with. The field is broken down in to 3 quadrants of 20 yards each, and two ten yard end zones. Flag Football is open and as teams are comprised of 7 players on the field at a time. The overall roster maximum is 12 players.  Rosters need to be submitted by Captains by Thursday, Oct 7. Roster forms are available in Room 204 in the Ridgeway Building. For more information contact the Athletics Department (617)573-8379 or contact Cary McConnell ([email protected]). The Flag Football season starts on October 14.


Spring Semester 

2013 Spring Semester Intramural Basketball Playoff Bracket

Intramural Basketball
Played within the confines of the Regan Gymnasium, located inside the Ridgeway Building.  Open to teams of Men or Women, basketball is traditionally played from Monday –Friday.  Basketball is officiated by Rec Sports staff officials, not NBA or college level officials. Any disrespect toward these students will not be tolerated.  Roster size is limited to 12.