Sports Accident Insurance Policy Information

Suffolk University maintains a sports accident insurance policy for all covered athletic injuries. This policy is excess to any other valid and collectible insurance. It is a secondary policy and all claims must be submitted to the student-athlete’s primary insurance list.

Please refer to this information sheet anytime a student-athlete incurs medical expenses. This will help decrease the amount of time it takes to adjudicate a claim.

  1. Submit medical charges to any other insurance policy the patient is covered under first (regardless if the patient is the primary member of a dependent)
  2. Fill out an Insurance Claim form with Jeff Stone, Head Athletic  Trainer
  3. Once response is received, submit a valid HCFA-1500 or UB92/04, along with a copy of your primary insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB), directly to our claim administrator at: 

NAHGA Claim Services
Kim Schoolcraft, Designated Account Rep. – Suffolk University
P.O. Box 189
Bridgton, ME 04009-0189
Phone:  1-800-952-4320

Group Name: Suffolk University

Policy Number: Chubb 99067632

  1. Payment will be made directly to the medical provider unless otherwise requested.
  2. Contact NAHGA Claim Services with any questions.

*NOTE: The benefits period for each injury is 24 months from the date of the accident. It is essential that all injuries be reported in a timely manner to the designated university athletic trainer or physician. This will ensure appropriate documentation and treatment for the student-athlete.