Rams 'Round the World: Baseball's Ben Isaak Takes Off

Rams 'Round the World: Baseball's Ben Isaak Takes Off

Junior infielder Ben Isaak has taken his talents overseas for the 2019 Fall Semester to study at Suffolk's Madrid campus. While stamping his academic passport, Isaak will check in with GoSuffolkRams.com from time-to-time to tell Ram Nation what she has been up to abroad.

Below is the first installment, prior to Isaak's departure. 

As the summer comes to an end, most of my classmates are thinking about getting back to the Boston campus. I, however, am preparing for a semester in Madrid through Suffolk’s international study abroad program. So far my college experience has been enriched by participating in the baseball program. I am very excited to add a new adventure to my experiences at Suffolk. Surprisingly, the process to study abroad was simple. After a few conversations with friends and classmates who had spent a semester or more abroad I was intrigued. After a meeting with the student life office I was ready to sign up. I was shocked to find out just how easy and exciting it would be to spend a semester in Spain. Prior to attending Suffolk, I had an idea that I may want to travel during school if I had the opportunity, although I was not counting on it. I was happy to discover that I would have my opportunity if I wished during my time at Suffolk.  

Playing a sport in college comes with its challenges yet will always be worth the extra time and effort. Similarly, missing half of the year in that given sport also comes with challenges. For any student-athlete who wants to study abroad, the time away from their teammates is probably the most important aspect they consider. I am grateful that my decision was made easier by my coaches, teammates and the entire athletic department, who supported the idea completely. Now that my departure date is almost here, I realize this would be a good time to start packing … Thanks for reading.

Fans, families, alumni and friends can check in with what Isaak and Phelan are up to over sees by following their adventures on GoSuffolkRams.com or over social media by using the hashtag #RAMsinterNATIONal