Rams Reflections

Rams Reflect: Softball's Sydney Littlefield

Rams Reflect: Softball's Sydney Littlefield

The 2018 Rams Reflect is the third in a series of annual collections. Senior captains and representatives of Suffolk teams have been invited to contribute viewpoints based on personal experience from both their senior seasons and full varsity careers at Suffolk. 

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Sydney Littlefield | Hometown: Methuen, Mass. | Masters of Business Administration

To The Future #2, 

I will never play catch with you. I will never feed a tee for you. I will never send you a text reminding you which shoes to bring. I will never get Chipotle with you after practice. I will never be in your group chat. I will never be on the same lineup card as you. 

You will wear a jersey that I have run, stained, slept, cried, and won in. You will use a locker that held my life’s contents for four years. You will have teammates that I knew so well and miss so much. You will have a coach and support staff that will do anything for you. You will hear screams for your success and learn from your mistakes. 

Do not waste a second of it. 

You only have four years left. While that may seem like an eternity now, it flies by. Your senior year will seem decades away, yet here mine is. Get to know every single teammate and coach personally. Your friends may change, but you can always count on your team to be there each and every day. 

Suffolk Softball has helped me learn some of life’s toughest lessons. I have learned how to be confident in myself and leverage my strengths, rather than trying to be a person or player that I am not. I have learned to focus on what is going well, rather than what I would have liked to have happen. I have learned what it truly means to be a leader, regardless of what my title on the team may be. I can never thank Coach enough for believing in me, caring for me, and giving me the opportunity to be a Ram. 

There will always be someone stronger, faster, taller, and smarter than you, but there will never be another you. There will never be another flat-lining, cosmic brownie-loving Ali Yamakaitis. There will never be another quick-lipped, teddy bear like Taylor Holmes. There will never be another multi-voiced, visor enthusiast like Devlin Frost. There will never be another daddy-long-leg, treadmill burning plank like Madison Eucalitto. There will never be another croc-wearing, dinger smashing Delaney Sylvester. Finally, as much as I wish I could keep that glitter bow in my hair forever, there will never be another Sydney Littlefield in a Rams jersey. 

There will always be another #2, but there will never be another you.


Sydney #2, Class of 2018